What Motivates People to Invent?

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Inventors begin with a vision, which takes the form of ideas supported by empirical data and experimentation, and eventually concretize in a solid, tangible form. And after the initial thrill of discovery and genius, inventors never stop creating. Take Thomas Edison. He he continuously invented new things even after making the first lightbulb work at the flick of a switch. The incandescent bulb was merely the spark that Edison needed to fuel his penchant for discovery and invention. This same attitude is probably found in all the other inventors that came out in the 20th Century.

Pic from expertbeacon.com

Pic from expertbeacon.com

But the question that nags everyone else is: What motives these individuals to invent? Some may say it’s fuelled by fame and fortune. Or a deep desire to see a product made from their own minds and hands. Most of the time, when inventors start with one little thing, they don’t realize the repercussions of their actions. For example, when Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard first set up shop at a dusty, one-car garage in Palo Alto, California in 1938 to found HP, they not only gave birth to the personal computer, they also set the foundation for what would become a billion dollar industry nestled in Silicon Valley.

An important element to becoming an inventor is courage. And also persistence. All one needs is to succeed once, despite failing many times. These individuals know that it won’t be easy going from the start. Nevertheless, they have the gumption to follow their heart and intuition. Henry Ford did it when he thought of the assembly line to produce as many Ford Model T’s as possible. Ted Turner had balls of steel when he started a TV network that showed news and public affairs all day long.


It Takes Effort and Dedication to Build a Business

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Building a business is a dream for a lot of people. The idea of putting up their own brand and trademark never gets old, and new companies come up every year with something new to bring to the table. It’s certainly a rewarding task, but a risky one as well. Building a business takes time and effort, but all that can go down the drain if you don’t handle it well.

Even the small businesses require a lot of hard work. It also takes years to establish yourself and get a good reputation going, with a dedicated customer community and supportive partners.

Let’s take the following case studies as examples…

This is true for entrepreneurs like Billy Brown. Billy owns a toy shop which sources and sells vintage toys from as early as the 1950’s. Even after years of planning that started during his years in business school, Billy struggled to make his dream come true. The first three years of his business were spent becoming stable and learning from mistakes. He had to learn most everything from scratch, through research and talking to toy experts and collectors. Billy was also grateful for the investments his friends made when the shop first opened. Now the toy shop has risen in popularity, even opening a section online to ship vintage toys around the world, just like they’re good as new.

Meanwhile, talk-of-the-town young CEO Isabella Ramsay has just inherited the massive conglomerate Ramsay International from her uncle, an event that leaves the world eager to see (or skeptical) of how a privileged young woman will continue to run the business. In spite of belonging to one of the wealthiest families in the world, Isabella has proved her capability, mainly because she is aware of the effort and dedication that goes into running a business. At a press conference last week she has made it clear that she is no stranger to the hardships and hard work her grandfather went through to build Ramsay International into what it is now, and stresses that the same dedication and work ethic that built the business then is what will continue to keep it successful up till now.


Timber Flooring Beauty Reignites Passion

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Change of surrounding can reignite our passion. Here’s something I wanted to share with you all. We basically got together to make it all happen, that is, to install a brand spanking new timber flooring at our usual meeting place.

Our hard work has paid off! I remember exactly 18 months ago, we came up with the idea of raising funds for the flooring of our community hall. Long story short, we came up with enough funds to buy the timber flooring; but it came to fruition with the help of the experts at flooringperthwa.com.au who donated their time and expertise.

A picture of the timber we ended up choosing (note: picture is just to illustrate the timber type, not depicting the actual hall):

Timber flooring type used

However, not everyone knows why we thought it was a priority. At that time, most of us thought it best to build a function room where smaller meetings between members of the Board of Trustees can be held. But then something happened. While the seniors were practicing their dance number for Seniors’ Festival, Justin tripped on the floor causing him to hurt his ankle. Poor Justin writhed in pain as we called Triple 0 for help.  The paramedics arrived quickly and we found out that Justin suffered a nasty sprain. Thank God not a bone of his was broken.

When  we got back to practice, Frances noticed that the floor tile where Justin tripped was loose. In fact, most of the tiles were loose! Ginny, the choreographer said that she already had informed the council about it and they said that they are aware that the flooring needed a make over as the tiles have been there since the 60’s the time the hall was built. The 60’s! Ginny was told that local funding wasn’t enough to cover the cost of new flooring.

That’s when it all started. Connie gave the idea of doing a fundraising. She suggested that a portion of the Seniors’ Festival proceeds go to the funds for the new flooring. We all thought it was a great idea. I remember everyone pitching in their suggestions until Frances decided that dance practice be cancelled that day to give way to an emergency fundraising meeting. It seemed like angels came in to help as there was a positive exchange of creative ideas. One would think that a bunch of oldies like us would run out of creativity but it seemed like our minds (and hearts) were raring to do something for the good of the community. Besides, the old floor was becoming a potential hazard to community members and we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt anymore.

So there we were raising funds for the new floors. We even came up with titles for our events such as: “Get Floored” during the Seniors’ dance festival, “Floor Art’s Sake” during an art exhibit by the seniors’ grandchildren, and “Get on the Floor” during a stand-up comedy act by teenagers whose dream was to become great comedians one day. All these events were successful and by the time we’ve raised new timber flooring for our community hall, Justin’s ankle was also as good as new!




Locksmith Now Required To Learn Electronic Locks

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Keep up with technology. A lesson learned to stay at the top of my game. I’m a local locksmith in Perth, but a techy one :)

Here’s the latest buzz in the home security space, where all talk is about making residences more secure, efficiently accessible and great to look at. What makes this discussion interesting is that locksmiths in the general area are now required to upgrade the skills and learn more about the intricacies of electronic locks.

But first, let’s look back conventional locks. It’s simple and efficient design is functional and operational, allowing one to open a door or latch and secure both as well. Made up of an intricate array of complex switches, pins and grooves, a lock is designed to smoothly sync together once a key is inserted into the hole. Seems pretty straightforward, until some anomalies occur, like deforming metal inserts and rusted grooves, to name a few.

When Linus Yale Jr. invented the first lock back in the 19th century, little did he know that his original design will stand the test of time and continue to be used today in basically same way when it first came out.

More recently, with the coming of the digital age and modernization of most things that were invented during the Industrial Revolution, a more sophisticated, smarter lock has been introduced.

True enough, smart locks – keyless entry and wireless locking systems — have been in use in commercial buildings for a number of years. The next big wave is that this will soon be made available for residential homes and living spaces. Simply put, private citizens can now get their hands on this level of security for their homes.

Keyless locking is more convenient and avoids lock-outs and lost keys. This is a God-send for people who always forget their keys, or even regularly lose it. All they need to do is remember a code, or use their phones as electronic keys, to unlock doors. This may mean some amount of investment in converting your home’s conventional locks into electronic smart locks. But the pay-off is in better security, more convenience, as well as more “handsome” styling when viewed from outside.

Thus, the need for your local locksmith to learn about electronic locks. It’s going to be quite a huge departure from the conventional, mechanical locking system that many locksmiths would be experts at. But that is the price of innovation. If these locksmiths want to thrive in this business, the need to upgrade their skills and embrace this technology becomes all the more crucial.

There are various kinds of smart locking systems which come in a variety of finishes and styles to suit different homes. Some still have those button-type screens that lets you punch in the codes to disarm the alarm system and open the lock. More recently, leading key manufacturers like Kwikset have started using touchscreen keypads for a more streamlined look. The classic fingerprint-scan lock is still in wide use since it provides a solid level of security. The next upcoming development is using a smart phone to open the lock.


AUTHOR: Clint C.


It All Starts With an Idea!

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With anything in life. It all starts with an idea.

Be it small or big… one should pursue if they think its worthwhile. Especially if you have a burning passion and have a strong, deep belief that it will work.

Risks is the norm in the business world. No risks, no gain. Many won’t argue the case. If they did, perhaps they’re in the wrong place? I’m not being the judge, just speaking from the heart.

Take a moment to think. Have a look around. Look at current successes and ask yourself.. how did it all begin?

More often than not, it was a humble beginning. A beginning riddled with mistakes, hurdles and even, failures.

With that being said.. push ahead in what you believe in.

If you don’t, you will never know what may eventuate.


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