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The authentication problem to solve[edit]

As you know, we've several resources for Wolfplex Hackerspace:

  • the wiki (MediaWiki)
  • the intranet powered by Keruald/Xen and Azhàr
  • the new community/presentation site Enigma prepares in Drupal
  • a redmine install (will soon be replaced by a ChiliProject install) shared with Espace Win Open Source Project and grip users

Currently, the auth is performed by Azhàr.

We'll have more resources in the future, like:

  • the Wolfplex servers
  • the audio system
  • an eggdrop (Nasqueron will sail to other space realms, and a

Wolfplex dedicated eggdrop will replace it)

  • Sympa mailing lists

We should deoploy something standard so everybody could develop for it.

It's also the opportuniy to deploy an heavier, stronger auth solution.

Useful links[edit]

The worskhop[edit]

The workshop will setup a Shibboleth service provider and implement some authentication consumers.

It will also install a LDAP server for our accounts and if we've time, we'll develop a plug-in to transform a Keruald-based PHP application to a Shibboleth authentication source.

The worskhop will be hosted at Spike's place (@ Charleroi Ville-Haute), this Wednesday 2011-04-20 from 2pm to 6pm CEST.


  • Spike