Event:Wolplex Hackerspace opening

An alternative space dedicated to technology and culture at Charleroi.
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Wolplex Hackerspace opening
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Wolfplex logo
And a new space is born.
Useful information
Description Project presentation. Talks. Workshops. Party. Beer.
Date 2011-06-24 → 2011-06-26
Location Wolfplex Hackerspace, Quai de Flandre 7, 6000 Charleroi
Cost free
Participants Enigma, Sinuso, PtiGNU, gmc, El-Kodar, Dereckson, Lapsus Clavis, Mr Jérôme



  • 18:00 - Inauguration
  • 18:20 - art exhibition opening
  • 19:00 - projects presentation
  • 22:00 - party (till dawn)

Saturday and Sunday

The week-end will contain talks and workshops. Definitive timetable coming soon.

Short talks

If you wish to share a project, an idea in 5 to 15 minutes, add a short talk in this list. If it's longer, create a talk session and add it.

  • Zed, how to build a spacial social network inspired from 1980 concepts and Iain Banks culture novels? (Dereckson, English + French if needed)
  • The internet is dead, long live the internet (gmc, English)
  • Grip, a collaborative server with alternative softwares (Dereckson, El-Kodar, English + French)

Talks and presentation

  • Charleroi ghost metro, a street art gallery (Dereckson, Mr Jérôme, English + French). A quick history of the metro project and why we've today such a ghost network. A photo diaporama of the place, with a focus on street art. Presentation of the project to create a web temporal archive to explore in 4D an underground (as confidential) street art museum.


  • How to build a FreeBSD port? Hands-on session. The content could also be adapted for NetBSD pkgsrc and OpenBSD ports on request. (Dereckson, English)
  • [something about networks or Linux-related] (PtiGNU, language still unknown)


  • 9:30 - Breakfast

The expo

Delphine is an eclectic artist exploring paintings, sketches and similar techniques, with a preference for linocut and hard pastels. Her abstract works opens a window on a complex and rich world. Shy and open minded, her work have been selected for our inauguration.