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Workgroup about a technology. Your mission if you accept it is to increase the group knowledge in this domain.

Groupe de travail / d'étude sur une technologie.

Chaque membre du groupe s'engage à accroître sa connaissance et à faire progresser l'ensemble du groupe dans le domaine.

Quick calendar

  • Monday: <FREE>
  • Tuesday: Mardi c'est Wiki ; Tech circles (ie TechTuesday)
  • Wednesday: .Net / C# (@ Manu404's place)
  • Thursday: UNIX administration (on IRC)
  • Friday: <FREE>
  • Saturday: <FREE>
  • Sunday: PHP (@ Dereckson's place)

Active workgroups

Planned workgroups


How to plan a new workgroup ?

  1. Add it here.
  2. Ask members what date is the best. Monday, Friday and Saturday doesn't have workgroup yet but we can have two workshops simultaneously.