An alternative space dedicated to technology and culture at Charleroi.
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Hackerspace presentation

What's Wolfplex?

Wolfplex is an alternative cultural center project dedicated to the counter culture at Charleroi.

What's Wolfplex Hackerspace?

This is a part of the Wolfplex project: an hackerspace at Charleroi.

What's an hackerspace?

A place for hackers by hackers to meet and collaborate on projects.

Where is Charleroi?

  • 50 km south of Brussels
  • This is the city of the Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

What's the project status?

See the page Hackerspace status.

What do you do in your space?

Browse and


Must I be a member to use the space?

Our space is open to everyone. You can become a member if you use extensively the space to support funding the project.

I wish to be a member, how should I proceeed?

  1. Show yourself at the space.
  2. Fill this form
  3. Your membership will be approved to a tech circle.