LDAP workshop

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LDAP workshop
LDAP workshop
Access and maintain user data
Useful information
Description Create a LDAP for your organization or for Wolfplex
Date 2013-11-06
Location Wolfplex Hackerspace
Cost free
Participants Dereckson, Jérôme


To learn the LDAP basics, from a developer and from a system administrator point of view.

To install and deploy a LDAP.


Part I
  1. What's an LDAP? Overview.
  2. The LDAP vocabulary: when it's like another application, but with bind instead of login.
  3. Install and configure OpenLDAP
  4. A story of schemas
  5. Play with our LDAP (We'll use tools like phpldapadmin and Apache Directory Studio)
Part II
  1. Build a LDAP for real use : the Wolfplex LDAP
    (if you've your project needing one, bring it also!)
  2. LDAP hello, I'm an application: allow 3rd party apps to use the LDAP
    (we'll also write a quick app to implement basic functionnalities ourselves)
  3. STARTTLS and LDAPS, how to securize a LDAP
Notes about part I and II

We'll first cover the part I. If time allows, we'll start the part II.

Another workshop will be planned (probably 2013-11-13 or 2013-11-20) for the remaining steps.

In the next workshops...

The LDAP workshop will give us a functionnal directory. We'll then be able to build new stuff on the top of the LDAP.


SpaceFED is a secure and anonymous inter-(hacker)space federated authentication platform.

Now we have a functionnal LDAP, we'll install other components to deploy Spacenet, a WPA2 Enterprise/802.1x based solution to allow other hackerspaces members to use the wifi when they're in our space.

Shibboleth authentication

Shibboleth is a SAML solution to implement a single sign on.

Practical information

  • Date: November 6, 2013
  • Time: 19h
  • Bring your laptop, it's participative workshop.