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{{:Workshop ideas}}
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== Previous workshops ==
== Previous workshops ==

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A workshop is a meet where activities are proposed to the participant.

Next workshops

Workshops ideas

  • Create a NanoBSD appliance
    This workshop Creates a FreeBSD system image for embedded applications. It will cover the following topics: Introduction to NanoBSD / Build a customized NanoBSD image / Use it on an embedded device or VM appliance
    More information
  • Cocktails for programmers
    For the programmers day, the 256th day of 2014, create programming related cocktails.
    More information
  • Play with new software — Devdocs
    “Play with new software” are workshops to test a new open source software, see if there is potential for it, offer some patches or reviews.
    More information
  • Evolution of search engines. Yioop deployment.
    Yioop is a modern open source search engine. The goal of the workshop is to explore the history of search engines crawl and indexation techniques, then to do a Yioop deployment.
    More information
  • Des OGM sous licence open source. Développement d'une agriculture libre. L'agriculture BiOS, open source, open science & open society.
    More information
  • Build a wiki farm.
    Several MediaWiki installations on a same server, with a common configuration file and source code.
  • PKI — Build a certificate authority.
    Instead to generate for each resource a self signed certificate, this workshop will show how to create a certificate authority, and a key signing infrastructure. The workshop will cover both the technical and administrative aspects involved. At the end of the workshop, you'll have a better understanding of what is involved to create, sign and manage certificates.
  • Composing with Computers I (Electronic Music Composition)
    We'll build an audio lab and work on a MIT course on the topic. It covers the sonic and compositional aspects.
    More information
  • Coding evening — A JS library to add buttons navigation
    Software like Hotglue offers a nice UI alternative to contextual menus: a click or double click make appear some buttons. A button opens a widget. This coding evening will cover JavaScript, ergonomy and will try to recreate this functionnality. The goal is to provide an open source library usable by other developers to easily integrate it in their application.
  • Play with new software — Snap.svg
    A new JS library to generate SVG
    More information
    Aggregate several network connections to increase speed and fault tolerance
    More information
  • Build a transparent whiteboard
    A crystal clear glass chalkboard, perfect to give online video lectures
    More information

This page is a compilation of the workshops we plan to organize. If one of them interests you, subscribe to be notified of the date.

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