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Grip is at END OF LIFE stage. Please get in touch with Dereckson on #wolfplex to migrate to Ysul, Dwellers or be on the waiting list for later migration to an IRC-friendly server.

Grip will be shutted down 2007-07-31.

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Grip is a collaborative remote desktop and general purpose staging FreeBSD server.

It offers an hybrid destkop/server environment, suitable both for desktop and development use.

You're welcome to use it too as shell or web server, but remember, Grip is administrated like a bleeding-edge testing environment, not a production server.

Any Wolfplex member can have a shell account, just ask it on IRC.

It's a cheap Dedibox V3 (Atom, 2 GB RAM). IP:[1]

Grip resources for Wolfplex


Grip provides an account to host two of the Freenode #wolfplex bots, CrashZ and Nasqueron.


Grip currently hosts www. and forge. sites.

Member and IT resources guests authentication