An alternative space dedicated to technology and culture at Charleroi.
(Redirigé depuis Nasqueron)
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Dæghrefn is a general purpose eggdrop with tasks for Wikimedia, Wolfplex and Nasqueron. As IRC servers haven't a great UTF 8 support, nickname is Daeghrefn. To recognize this is the real one, you can check the host, which should be the cloak @wikimedia/bot/Daeghrefn.


Public channel commands

Command Description
!guid Generates a GUID
!identica <message> Posts a new notice on identi.ca and Twitter accounts
!sms <user> <message> Sends a SMS

Ysul administration

Nasqueron allows to perform some administration commands on Ysul, if you've the W flag. The commands work both on #wolfplex and in the partyline:

Command Description
.account create <username> <group> [SSH key url] Creates a new account on Ysul
.account exists <username> Determines if a user exists
.account groups <username> Lists user's groups
.account isroot <username> Determines if a user is root
.account permission <account> add <username> Adds a right to an account to a Nasqueron user.
.account permission <account> del <username> Removes a right to an account to a Nasqueron user.
.account permission <account> +root Allows the specified user and account to act as root on the system
.account permission <account> -root Removes the right to as root on the system
.mysql create <database> [username] Creates a new MySQL database
.nginx reload Reloads the nginx configuration
.nginx status Printe the amount of nginx listening connections
.nginx server add <domain> [directory] [+php] Adds a vhost
.nginx server edit <domain> <directory> (not yet implemented)
.nginx server edit <domain> <-php|+php> (not yet implemented)
.phpfpm reload Reloads the php-fpm configuration
.phpfpm status Gets php-fpm status
.phpfpm create <username> Creates a new php-fpm pool

Other public actions

If you post a YouTube (or another site handled by youtube-dl link without the video title, it will post, so channel users can have the context.


User authentication

We're planning to create a patch to allow eggdrop to use LDAP authentication.


Some ideas en vrac:

  • Control the hackerspace music
  • Read pamela (who is in the space)
  • Arkazon client


TCL scripts, released under BSD 2 clause license.