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Welcome to the Wolfplex wiki.
An alternative space dedicated to technology and culture at Charleroi.

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Wolfplex ? What is it ?

Charleroi is a post-industrial city in Belgium, the largest in Wallonia. At the hearth of the town, Wolfplex is a collection of projects mixing people, creative energies, projects and a new approach to the society.

Wolfplex Hackerspace

Dedicated to software development, electronics, robotics and digital arts.

Our hackerspace is open to all people who wish to share and increase his or her knowledge.

Join the project

You wish to join the project?
Welcome to Wolfplex! We're open to everybody, on a participatory basis.
You wish to meet other members?
The most used communication way is our IRC channel (text-based chat), #wolfplex. You can use this [webchat] to quickly join us.
You can also send us a mail to or fill this form.
You wish to join or create a workgroup?
Workgroups are groups meeting together regularly to share kwowledge and learn together a technology.
Active groupes are Arduino, PHP and UNIX server administration. Python and C workgroups are building.
You wish to give a workshop or a talk?
You're most welcome to. Announce it to the next tech circle and add it to the events calendar.
What are the last news?
Read Bulletin:Main or Hackerspace status.

Wolfplex during the pandemic

During the pandemic, our events are online. We avoid to organize indoor events.

Discussions are going on to meet irl and indoor, with a self-testing strategy.

For 2023, we plan to reorganize our space to bring the possibility to have a outdoor space for events like the Tuesday meets.

Come the Tuesdays evening

Every Tuesday evening from 7pm, we've our weekly social and tech meeting.

During COVID pandemic, the meetings are online on our IRC channel.

Join us if you wish to discover the hackerspace, meet like-minded people, get help to solve a problem, drink a beer or a Club Mate, you're welcome.


Saturday 2022-03-05 22
(fr) Discussion IRC - Présentation des projets Nasqueron
(en) IRC chat - Nasqueron projects presentation
Saturday 2022-05-21
(fr) Assemblée générale
(en) Ordinary general meeting

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Our members are working on Grip, BrainLED, Edwarf & Le Mag.

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Our new welcome page is currently under evaluation. Your avis is welcome.

Responsible publisher: Wolfplex Hackerspace ASBL, rue de la Science 14, 6000 Charleroi, BE 0835 897 795.