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An alternative space dedicated to technology and culture at Charleroi.
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The tech circles are:

  • the weekly meeting to discuss and organize the hackerspace life ;
  • by extension, the name of the Tuesday evening weekly meeting.

It's the best day to come, socialize and collaborate.


Every tuesday from 7pm til people go home, which is generally very late.

The circle itself occurs generally at 9pm or later, so everybody could be here.


Everyone is welcome, members or not.

It's a mix between regulars, irregulars and new people.


Why should I come?

  • To meet like minded people and learn cool stuff
  • To see by yourself what the hackerspace has to offer
  • To look our guest artists artwork.
  • To take a look around, see the stuff we've, have a chat.
  • Because you need help with something
  • To drink a coke, a beer or a Club Mate
  • To dive in the hackerspace organization matrix

Tech circle format

Talking stick

A talking stick.

We use for our circles a talking stick.

It allows us to give the opportunity to each people to talk and to listen what others have to say.

How does it work?
  1. The facilitator opens the circle and brings an object used as talking stick. It could be any object with a special meaning for him or the space.
  2. It opens the meeting, read the agenda if there is one (so we know if we've a point to make for any issue) and give the talking stick to the left.
  3. The people with the stick speaks WITHOUT ANY EXTERNAL INTERRUPTION. Wait your turn and think twice about your reply, it will then be more constructed and clever.
  4. If a people doesn't wish to speak, he or she gives the stick to the next people.
  5. After one or two round, the facilitator puts the stick to the middle, so everybody can take the stick and make his point.
  • If you've to leave, the best moment to do it is after the current speaker have finished the talking and when he gives the stick to another person. State politely in 10 seconds or less you must leave.
  • If you know you've to quit before you'll have the opportunity to speak, consider putting yourself directly at the left of the facilitator, so you'll be able to get the first.
  • If you're late and join the circle, choose your place according when you want to speak.
  • This format have been chosen following the independent suggestions of two people, Dereckson - who experienced in a Vosgen intentional community - and Enigma - who use it er ... good question. They can explain you the concept and the benefits.
  • You'll find some feedback on the benefits to use it in an association on this French article.
  • We'll try to find a good talking stick at the Event:Solstice_d'été_2011.

Tech Circle content

Any topic could be put to this circle, but mainly consist in:

  • Any news or information susceptible to be of interest:
    • New workshops, event, activity
    • General hacker news
  • Any decisions to take affecting the hackerspace life, like:
    • Membership issues, mainly the approval of new members willing to join the space ;
    • Donations usefulness discussion
    • Internal rules provide Wolfplex Hackerspace ASBL's conseil d'administration have to seek advice and recommendation from the tech circle before to take a decision. This decision should at the best extent matches the circle one. If this isn't possible, the CA must notified the circle and state why (e.g. a legislative barrier) ;
  • Any stuff you wish to share - personal feelings, thoughts about something.

If you like the circle format and wish to host more profound discussions, debates or personal non-especially-hackers-related sharing, you can of course fork the concept and launch a circle activity. We use "tech circle" and not "circle" especially to let you organize that, without confusion.

Other planned activities the Tuesday

  • We host the local Mardi c'est wiki event, a French Wikipedia contributors weekly meeting organized in dozens of cities.