Wolfplex Hackerspace ASBL/Conseil d'Administration

An alternative space dedicated to technology and culture at Charleroi.
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The Wolfplex Hackerspace ASBL conseil d'administration (CA) have a role strictly limited to the association management.


Sinuso and Spike currently serve as administrators. At the next asssemblée générale, the minimal administrators amount will be 3, so we need candidates.

If you plan to candidate, please declare your intention at a tech circle, so we can invite you to next CA meetings and let you see a little how it works.


The CA approves (or denies) membership requests (membre adhérents), after having seek an advice at tech circle.


We have every 2 months an accounting workshop, but the CA is legally responsible for the accounting.

Legal paperwork

The Conseil d'Administration have the power to represent the association and to contract. Any legal paperwork requiring administrator signature should be put at the agenda of the next tech circle (except for trivial requests, we won't act without a tech circle advice).