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The authentication problem to solve

As you know, we've several resources for Wolfplex Hackerspace:

  • the wiki (MediaWiki)
  • the intranet powered by Keruald/Xen and Azhàr
  • the new community/presentation site Enigma prepares in Drupal
  • a redmine install (will soon be replaced by a ChiliProject install) shared with Espace Win Open Source Project and grip users

Currently, the auth is performed by Azhàr.

We'll have more resources in the future, like:

  • the Wolfplex servers
  • the audio system
  • an eggdrop (Nasqueron will sail to other space realms, and a

Wolfplex dedicated eggdrop will replace it)

  • Sympa mailing lists

We should deoploy something standard so everybody could develop for it.

It's also the opportuniy to deploy an heavier, stronger auth solution.

Useful links

The worskhop

The workshop will setup a Shibboleth service provider and implement some authentication consumers.

It will also install a LDAP server for our accounts and if we've time, we'll develop a plug-in to transform a Keruald-based PHP application to a Shibboleth authentication source.

The worskhop will be hosted at Spike's place (@ Charleroi Ville-Haute), this Wednesday 2011-04-20 from 2pm to 6pm CEST.


  • Spike